both arms and hands and all fingers tingle and ache

I have degenerative arthritis in my back; bone on bone. For about 2 weeks now I have been having numbing in both arms, hands and all fingers. Nothing I do seems to help.

Could this be related to my back. I also have pain in left side of my neck into front part of shoulder.

Hello Edie,
Almost certainly you have the same degenerative changes occurring in your neck. When it's affecting both arms and all fingers it's likely to be difficult. What's needed is a thorough examination including xrays and preferably a scan of your cervical spine.

If you have been to a chiropractor you know and trust, then it's time to see him or her; if not, in order to get the scan, perhaps the medical route might be better. First a definitve diagnosis is needed.

A traction unit, used at home sometimes helps; get the one used lying down. They aren't expensive.

How old are you?

Dr B

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