Bone-spur on interior ball joint

Arthritis in hip & Rx exercises give relief. But the jagged bone-spur juts into bladder area when I do specific exercises.

There is a vein in bladder (cystology test) and bladder bleeds occasionally without infection.

Bone-spur is painful without doing exercises.

Perhaps getting a hip replacement is the answer?

These are two different problems; it's most unlikely that the spur on your hip would affect your bladder in any way.

It all depends on the degree of degeneration of your hip, especially superiorally. Is there significant loss of joint space between the ball and the socket above? Are there cysts in the head of the femur?

Start by gently pulling your knee to your chest several times a day, and then making a circle using the knee as a lever. It will cause discomfort, but not so that it causes pain.

This can be done sitting or lying down.

Good luck.

Dr B

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