by nad

On the left side of my chest under collar, I have a large bone ,swelling tissue protruding .Dr said it was an injury still healing (got hit with a metal handle from a star wars toy in error). ^ months later still there. My new Dr says its a soft tissue tumor because I have recurrence. I am on hormone therapy. Don't agree nor does other Dr, no biospy on it . Now going down on right side every other bone costal area they are protruding and getting large is that something a bone Dr should see ?

Hello Nad,
You probably have a condition called Tietzes syndrome. It comes frequently from a chronic rib subluxation in the midback

Could you send me a photo please?

It's only rarely a life threatening condition but frequently can be very painful and stubborn to treat. See the relevant page at Chiropractic Help. Fire with more questions if you have any, keeping to this thread.

Dr B

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