Blue fingers and hands

by Jonathan
(Greene County VA)

Blue fingers and hands.

Blue fingers and hands, turning white and red are a sign of Raynaud's syndrome.

My 15 year old daughter developed blue fingers and hands 5 days ago. Around 2:00pm on Dec 15 her left hand turned blue and was cold to the touch. About an hour later the right hand turned also. She does have some tingling in the fingers and When exercising the fingers throb.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hello Jonathan,
She probably is developing a condition called Raynaud's syndrome; the autonomic supply to the arteries that supply the hands has gone haywire.

I know of no recognised medical or chiropractic treatment, but I have treated many cases over the years, working gently on the neck and all the way down the arms to the fingers; the idea is to stimulate the circulation. It doesn't cure, but brings much relief, and you can rub her arms and hands too. Do her fingers go white, and then change colour? Wearing gloves, and keeping the hands warm helps. It's a winter phenomenon, and today is the solstice.

Is there any swelling of the arms? Then it's more serious, and I'd get a medical opinion immediately.

It's often thought to be an autoimmune disease in which the inner lining of the arteries become inflamed and angry, perhaps because of a disturbed nervous system, or diet high in omega-6 fats, but low in omega-3 oils.

I would strongly recommend a change to olive oil, which is omega neutral, and fatty fish and freshly ground flaxseed to boost her omega-3.

It might not help, but it's a healthy thing to do anyway.

This is primarily a "medical" condition, so that's where I'd start; having ruled out other serious disease, a visit to your local chiropractor might be helpful.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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