Bleeding skin over coccyx

by Karen Clarke
(northern ieland)

My grandson is 7years old. He has Cerabal palsy which affects his movement on the right side, he walks with a slight gait but is active running, jumping tumbling, Doing well in school happy and outgoing.
Recently he has been having issues with his coccyx in that it seems too long and the covering of skin is very thin and occasionally it bleeds. Consultant recommends removal of coccyx but on waiting list for mri. Reading your article I am concerned about knock on effect.

Hello Mrs Clarke,
I share your concern, but I would presume all else has been tried before this radical step was recommended.

Does he fall on the coccyx? Is it a sort of pressure sore? Does he lie on his back for long periods in between all the running and jumping?

My thoughts are a sort of foam rubber cushion that fits inside his underwear. You might have to make it yourselves, as I've never heard of such an orthotic. Turn him more often so that he's not lying directly on the spot for long periods.

Modifying a diaper might help too.

My column is about the adult with coccydynia; this is rather different, but still, I would get another opinion.

How much does it worry the child? Does he complain of pain? Is it affecting him and his progress at school? Could you just live with it for a while, and see what progresses?

It is an irreversible step to take.

Use your own inner wisdom, and listen to your doctors.

I hope this contributes in some small way.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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