Bilateral cervical ribs, carpel tunnel syndrome, cervical disc bulging and inactive ulnar nerves


I am 75 years male from India. I have had this problem for the last 30 years. I was an engineer in Railways, during this period I had to travel in train for more than 20 to 25 days in a month; also work on the steel bridges. Well known neuro Physician diagnosed and said the problem cannot be cured, and advised me to be prepared to learn to live with the problem. I had shown it to a well known neuro surgeon, He was also of the same opinion.

The problem slowly got aggravated. Now for the last 2 years the pain is unbearable; about 4 months back I had shown it to a doctor in Seattle WA near the university campus; there the doctor had given me two sittings of acupuncture treatment, which did not help me at all I am back in India and suffering from this very badly. The symptoms are pain along the nerve about 3 inches from the bottom of the thumb om the right hand and also pain in the fore arm muscles with inflammation; also pain in the biceps and muscle located outside the shoulder for about 6 inches; the muscle in this portion becomes very hard when the pain is there.

In the left hand the condition is same plus inside the fore arm at 6 inches from the wrist there is constant pain and some times burning; there is pain in the middle finger on the left hand, not always; both frequently comes and goes; similarly two fingers that is little finger and ring finger pains. For this finger pain I have taken steroid injection about 3 or four times.

Now for the last 9 months I am on LYRICA 150 mg . Now a days for the last 2 months the pain starts in the evening around 4 PM. Earlier I used to sleep well with LYRICA, but now all days I have disturbed sleep. I use crepe bandage for both the hands to reduce pain, this is also not effective.

If you suggest some pressure points it may help. I had taken MRI for the cervical portion about 20 years back. for bi cervical ribs X-RAYS have been taken many times.

Those specialists were correct in that this cannot be "cured" but these symptoms are very typical of at least one patient on any day in a busy chiropractic office. The can be helped.

It would appear to me that there are different things going on here; in that right arm it may be a shoulder problem; can you rotate your upper arm normally and fully?

As a general rule, if the pain in the lower arms is bad, does raising the arm above your head relieve or increase the pain?

Does turning your head, and then looking up, immediately provoke either neck pain, or the burning feeling in your arms?

There aren't many if any chiropractors in India for some reason; I would go for a weekly deep massage of your arms, shoulders and neck.

Ask the specialists about a home traction device; they sometimes help.

Dr B

» Bilateral cervical ribs, carpel tunnel syndrome, cervical disc bulging and inactive ulnar nerves

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