Bilateral arm pain and tingling

by Slake Mokrytzki

Hello, and thank you for hearing me out. I am 28 years old, and was an active student and computer user prior to my injury.

My problem started about February of this year. I had been gifted a new joystick for my birthday. Upon using the joystick for a few days I felt a sharp pinch in my wrist below the thumb on the inside of the wrist. I discontinued use shortly after. For a month or two my wrist was sore and I began doing most tasks with my left wrist. One day I was carrying groceries and felt the identical pinch in my left wrist. Pain ensued shortly after.

As the months went by, the pain started to slowly move up my arms. Specifically, the top of my forearms near the elbows. It then about two months ago started to hurt in my triceps and biceps. During all of this time I did not notice any visual changes in my arms.

Recently I felt a sharp pinch in my right shoulder, and noticed it was red and warm to the touch. Days later, I feel a sharp pain in my right shoulder still.

I am also now getting tingling in my arms, seemingly random. Also getting some random twitches.

I've had x rays and ultrasound done and blood work all coming back normal. I have an appointment with a neurologist in about a month. So far, I have no signs of atrophy or weakness. The pain seems better in the morning and worse at night and I can describe it as an ache mostly, but more of a sharp pain in my shoulder. I'm not sensitive to touch and it feels good to be massaged.

I've seen a chiropractor, two physiotherapists and a few doctors and no diagnosis yet. Can't really do many of my daily activities without significant pain, and I'm having to postpone school. Any help or advise you may have is really appreciated.

Hello Slake,
It's going to take a physician specialist to work this one out; it certainly doesn't sound like a chiropractic condition.

Two things stand out; it's in both arms and the swelling and redness in your shoulder. That says to me that this is something "medical" rather than chiropractic. Chances are that the neurologist won't find anything either.

It is possibly one of the 100 + forms of arthritis, but I'd have expected the blood tests to show something.

My best suggestion is to keep your arms and shoulders moving with gentle exercises within the painfree zone. Stiffness of the joints is the next thing to watch for.

Then if it was me, I look long and hard at my diet, and consider one of the anti inflammatory diets. It may not help, but a good thing to do anyway. Fatty fish and olive oil, chilies and plenty of greens in your diet, nuts and seeds. Become a bit of health nut. Try and eat 10 coloured foods every day, and absolutely avoid colas and bagels!

Let me know when you have a diagnosis, and I'm sorry not to have helped more.

Dr B

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Mar 25, 2018
Also bilateral arm pain
by: Anonymous

You described my own story exactly. Still in the medical investigation phase with no official diagnosis yet. I've tried everything it seems with no improvement. I've been researching on my own for the last year and am leaning towards myofascial trigger points.

Describe your symptoms in some detail, what increases and relieves the pain and what you think was the cause. Old injuries, general state of health, x-ray and scan reports etc.

Dr B

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