big breast with back pain

by Pertunia

I weigh 65kg and 145cm tall; my bust is 101cm with 89cm waist. I have a severe back pain with rush under my breast for over 3 years now; I visited the dietician to work on my issue. However the only success is that I lost the weight only at the lower part and the breast stays big. Is there any possibility to get help as this has affected me emotionally for over a period now?

Hello Pertunia,
Rush or rash?

Generally I'm not in favour of cosmetic surgery, but in the case of very large breasted women there certainly is a case for breast reduction. It puts a lot of strain on the neck shoulders and midback. But usually only after you've had your children.

It may be that your large breasts is what is known as an incidental finding. True, but unrelated to the real problem.

Mid back pain can affect the nerve running between the ribs, under the breast and in the direction of the breastbone, but it won't cause a rash.

I presume you've been the medical route and had your breast examined. I think it's time you looked up your local chiropractor for an examination and an opinion. Print this out perhaps, and take it with you.

Let us know how you get on.

Dr B

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