Bent D12 and D11 and pregnant

by sina

Am pregnant and I was involved in a car accident in 2011. I cracked my D12 and D11 resulting to the vertebrates being bent.

Am scheduled for a c-section with a general anaesthesia by my Gynaecologist but I was wondering what are the dangers of a regional anaesthesia

Hello Sina,
Frankly I'm not sure. Before the C-section you'll obviously see the anaethetist. Take your X-rays with you, and discuss it with him/her.

The nerves from there, the Superior Cluneals and the Femoral nerve may radiate pain to the buttock, groin and front of the thigh. No leg pain?

Do some reading on Maignes syndrome taking particularly notice of the Maignes syndrome exercises. I recommend them.

These exercises too: type into Googs: "Youtube Back and leg pain during pregnancy" and select the video at number one slot. Us.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

Dr B

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