Badly sprained foot after six weeks

by Julie

I wrote in earlier regarding a badly sprained foot, having tripped over a Chinese rug. I have attached a couple of photos now it has nearly been six weeks and a photo of my normal foot and the original photo after just three days. Should I keep off it until all the swelling goes.

I still have slight bruising. Movement isn't too bad but it is still slightly tender on the ankle side and inflamed. I am still massaging it gently with arnica oil and warm foot baths. Do you think that I should seek medical advice now as it has been such a long time or is this normal after such a bad sprain and to carry on with what I am doing? The bruising on my leg is from crawling on the floor and has nothing to do with the original injury.

Thank you so much and I am sorry to bother you again.

Kind Regards


Hello Julie,
This was a serious injury. I really needs to be evaluated by a competent professional; you don't want to be crawling on the floor for the rest of your life; it happens.

It may be badly torn ligaments, but you could very easily have nasty fractures in there.

Can you place full weight on the leg now?

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Dr B

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