bad sprang possible break

by christopher gramm
(Shreveport, la)

I sprang, rolled or maybe broke my ankle a few years ago and to this day it hurts bad and on the top of my foot where the foot meets my leg there's now a hard kinda painful knot around what I think is the talus? It helps to put a tight ankle brace on for compression.

I just want to know what the knot is and will it ever heal and what I can do or take to help the pain and maybe know what to do to work and stretch it like home therapy; any advice would help.

The doc said it wasn't broken, just a nasty rolled ankle or sprang but I don't know; I think maybe I tore some ligaments or something?

Hello Christopher,
I'd put even money on a fracture of one the small ankle bones, but was it ever x-rayed? Has does your doc know it wasn't broken?

Start with a plain x-ray of your ankle and, if it shows nothing, ask for a scan. The ankle is particularly difficult to visualise on plain xrays and many a fracture is missed.

Let me know what the result is; keep to this thread.

Dr B

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