Backward hip

by Gina

Hello, I have osteoarthritis; I'm 35 healthy slim and active I do horse riding 3 times a week and walk the dogs for an hour a day. I was born breach and pulled out with forceps and they dislocated my hips. I also had two twisted chins which one was operated on and straightened.

I was a twin and my sister was born healthy with no bone problems.

My hips are painful; I suddenly collapse when getting up off chairs and have had a cyst in the bone in one of them. The wear and tear is mild but it's so painful; it wakes me up at night too. I can't even cross my legs.

All the doctors give me is pain killers and tell me to carry on what I'm doing; that's all I can do as it's only just gonna get worse. I have asked for surgery to re shape the bone but they won't do it as I'm so young.

Is there anything else the doctors can do to keep me mobile for many more years and stop this from progressing? Thank you.

Hello Gina,
I suspect there's plenty that can be done, but a sight of the x-ray of your pelvis might save me from making an ass of myself. Would you ask for a copy of it, and forward it to contact, and also make a comment here to tell it's been sent.

A copy of the report too would be a help.

Dr B

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