Back upper left side pain

by prakash
(Bangalore )

dear sir I am 27years old I am suffering from back pain for last 1month and I feeling leg and hand tingling at night time I had gone through orthopedist doctor and heart specialist they done x Ray and Echo cardio dram and tmt test and they said no problem in your heart and no problem they gave tablets for pain killer the pain as not gone today when pain is coming I will swearing what is the problem please help me.

Hello Prakash,
It's difficult because there are few, if any chiropractors in India. I'm not sure why as there plenty of Indian chiropractors in America, England and South Africa.

It's good that the orthopedist didn't find anything wrong.

Can you produce the pain by bending, twisting, deep breathing, turning your head etc?

If it's in your hand and leg then it's more complicated. That would suggest there is a pinched nerve somewhere. Perhaps a visit to a neurologist?

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Dr B

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