Back tightness and hip pain

About 2 1/2 years ago I developed weakness when walking, in my right leg. This occurred overnight; I started taking Vitamin B complex and shin pain has gone. However, when I lie on right side, hip starts hurting sometimes. Upon waking in am, sometimes low back feels as if it is in a vise.

When I sit down, feeling is immediately relieved. My feet are both swelling and sometimes lumps come up on top of my feet, are very painful, then go away. What could cause this and how do I go about treatment?

My initial thoughts were a sciatica; to confirm or deny this, go to the search this site function and type in slump test, and follow the instructions. Let me know what happens.

A tight lower back, pain in the shin, and weakness in the lower leg is usually neurological; a nerve impingement.

But the swollen legs doesn't fit with this.

It's possible you may have two different conditions. If the Slump Test is positive, see a chiropractor.

But for those swollen legs, I'd ask your doctor to examine you.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Aug 24, 2014
Swelling & Inflammation from Neural Edema
by: Garry Anderson

WIth my condition, I discovered that Inflammation and Swelling in the legs comes from impaired nerve function. The phenomena is called "neural edema", that is, nerve induced swelling. The swelling in the legs could correspond to Femoral Nerve entrapment at the L4 vertebra. Go to Wikipedia ( and search on page for edema. Also, check out Lower Back Pain Answers at for the affected areas of the leg from L1 through L5 problems.

Barrie's comment about Sciatica nerve appear to be correct, and in addition to being the cause of the pain, it could also be the cause of the swelling. A co-worker of mine, who has some sciatica issues, tried my Iron Man ATIS-4000 inversion table and gained significant relief.

Thanks Garry.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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