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Ten years ago I fractured L4 in a boating accident. I spent 6 weeks in hospital then 6 weeks in a brace. Excellent recovery. Over the last year I periodically have lower back pain, sometimes severe and debilitating.

This time I'm getting pain in the front of my right leg too. It is painful to turn over in bed and to move. I had ayurvedic treatment last time (6 months ago) which helped. Keeping moving helps more than sitting still. When I am still I have a nagging ache at the top of my right leg. What do you suggest I should do? Would this be connected to my accident or unrelated?
Mrs S.

Hello Mrs S,
It probably is related to your old injury, but not necessarily so.

What's needed now is a new set of xrays to determine the state of the old fracture, was it a spondylolysthesis? and what's happening higher up.

Front of the leg pain means it's probably related to the femoral nerve which emerges from the mid to upper lumbar spine.

Start our gentle lower back exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar on the left and, yes, try and sit less. It almost always affects a lower back condition negatively. No vacuum cleaner.

Then start looking for the doctor of your choice; take your time, finding someone competent and thorough and knowledgeable about lower back and leg pain.

Dr B

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