Back pain with very sensitive right armpit and loss of balance

by Eugene
(Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

About 2 weeks ago I hurt my back by picking up a not so heavy steel beam. The following day I could pin point the pain to the centre of my shoulder blades with one spot on the spine being very sore. The following day I found it hard to balance. I now have a very sensitive armpit (right side).

I have a constant warm feeling in my right thigh. When I sit on something, it feels like heated seats. Not hot, just warm.

I have numbness in a section of my right armpit and in my groin area.

It's not that I actually hurt my back by picking this steel beam up, it's the only thing I can think of that might have started all this discomfort.

I am a 45 year old male.

Hello Eugene,
The most concerning of all this is your loss of balance; it that continues to be the case and if you bump into the doorjamb for example when walking through the doorway, then I would recommend you see a neurologist. A strain or sprain in your midback would not cause this.

Is there midback pain if you take in a deep breath? Does turning your torso to the right or left hurt? Leaning to the side?

Does turning your head and then looking up cause pain in the midback or armpit?

If you pull your knee to the chest, is it sore in the groin?

There are either different things going on here, or if connected then it's more serious. Frankly I'm not sure; I think a consultation with your medical doctor might be the place to start.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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Oct 10, 2017
by: Eugene

My answer to all the questions are no. I have no pain when doing any of your instructions.
The pain in my back is still there but not as bad. However my armpit is still numb and as well as my groin area. When I sit, it's still warm on my left thigh.
The balance issue has stopped all together.
I have made an appointment with my doctor.
I will revert back to you once I have been to see him.

Just be sensible for a bit, Eugene. No heavy lifting. Your doctor will want to know the specifics of where in the thigh you have these odd sensations, and in your armpit too, so make some notes about these specific entities, and anything else that may be going on.

Dr B

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