Back pain started

by Chawla
(Mumbai, maharashtra, India)


I'm an aerial dancer and a contemporry dance performer.
After a show, I woke up next day at the hotel room and went to the bathroom to clear my sinuses and started coughing hard and then sneezed which caused a little back pain. I stopped working out. In the evening I went to the gym I felt a stingy pain in my lower back.
It's the third day and the pain is still the same.

Should I consult a doctor or is it just a normal pain?
Please help I'm out of resources anyways.

Hello Chawla,
I'm not sure there's such a thing as "normal pain".
Pain is your friend; it's telling you something has happened.

Coughing, sneezing and bearing down on the toilet, and laughing and clearing your sinuses require what's known as a Valsalva maneouvre. The increase in pressure is a common cause of a slipped disc.

I'd start our lower back exercises which you'll find in the navigation bar, and stop for a period; stay away from the gym, and from your dancing too until you know it's better, otherwise it'll go down your leg.

If you go for a massage, only lie on your side.

Dr B

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