Back pain left side about 1/2 in from spine at about t12

by Charlie

I have had decompression at L2-5 in 2010. a few weeks ago I fell down a few steps. 2 days later i started getting new pains on the left side that I can only describe as feeling like a broken rib. Also, the pain felt fairly deep, not shooting like with sciatic. Kind of pulsing. They took the attached x-ray, and said there was an old compression fracture with 30% loss of height at t11-12. I had my last t spine MRI one year ago and there was no note of any kind of fracture or compression. Looking at the x-ray what do you see.

My physical therapist says she thinks there is a broken rib

There is also a new pain on the front of each side right above the crest of the hip bone-not on the side.

Please your opinion. A quick answer would be more than appreciated as I am getting epidural soon.


Hello Charlie,
Unfortunately your x-rays never came through (you could also try sending them to Contact) but it sounds like this new fracture occurred in the fall. Rather unusual though that the pain only started two days later.

A fractured rib typically gives pain when taking a deep breath.

Fractures heal, but they take 6-8 weeks, and for that period you shouldn't bend (yes, hard, go down on one knee), try not to sneeze and cough, do some very gentle back exercises, ask for advice from your therapist. You will find some exercises at C-H, but choosing the right ones in paramount.

I look forward to getting your pics.

Dr B

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