Back pain in neck, mid and lumbar spine

by Mary
(Barnesville ohio)

See how a short leg causes a curvature of the spine and plenty of back pain

See how a short leg causes a curvature of the spine and plenty of back pain

I am 55, have had back pain since 10; just keeps getting worse. Was low back and they say I think, L4L5. Also low back has been better lately; now it's my under shoulder blades area and pain gets so terrible after only doing dishes. Also say I have disc out in my neck. Anyways they say nothing else they can do except shots in spine and I'm on eardrum and can't go off blood thinner at all, plus it's very dangerous so I won't do it.

So I sat on recliner and laid across my husband's lap and bent my back and neck backwards and laid there for 5 minutes. Got up and my shoulder pain has been gone for 3 days, can you tell me what I fixed? I want to keep it that way. Have suffered for years and take pain pills; thanks.

It's not a good situation, Mary. Chronic medication like that will eventually catch up with your kidneys and liver, and possibly cause a stomach ulcer.

I'm not sure what lying on your husband's lap did, but it's great that you've been able to find something that relieves the pain.

I have two questions; are you doing lower back exercises every single day? If not that's the place to start.

And secondly, if you have lower back, midspine and neck pain, I always for look for a short leg causing a scoliosis; has anyone checked that?

Dr B

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