Back pain and weak legs with herniated disc

Back pain and weak legs with herniated disc is especially bad if it's affecting both limbs.

I have herniated disc l5 s1. I get alot of back pain and associated right leg pain; walking has got harder and I get wobbly legs at the top part when coming downstairs etc. I have early signs of degenerative disc changes and loss of lordosis; basically the bottom half of me is so weak; does it just get worse?

Unless you ring in some changes, yes, I'm afraid so. Can you raise your big toe, and stand on toes, raising the heel on that leg? If not, you're on the verge of surgery.

But this stuff is bread and butter for chiropractors, but each and every case is a challenge once there is weakness.

You have to cooperate totally because there's a big hole in the disc, and even after being reduced, takes a minimum of six weeks to heal. If you play silly buggers, it just bulges through the tear again.

Look at our slipped disc rules page, and follow them to the letter. Find it using the search function at Chiropractic Help.

Is the Slump test for sciatica positive? Straightening your leg parallel to the ground, whilst sitting.

Start doing our basic set of exercises every morning before getting out of bed. Never miss, or it will continue to get worse.

Good luck, let me know in a few weeks how you are getting on.

Dr B

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