Back pain after seeing Chiro

by Fran
(New Mexico)

I am a 70-year-old woman who previously saw a chiropractor for 27 years (off and on) and had great results with very little pain. He retired. I am now seeing another chiropractor. Three times now. Every time I see him I can hardly walk for 2-3 days afterward. Is this acceptable? Yes, I've spoken with him -- he's not getting it, obviously. I saw him yesterday -- and I can't hardly walk today -- AGAIN.

Hello Fran,
Changing chiropractors is as bad as changing dentists sometimes. In fact there's a page at Chiropractic Help on the subject; use the Site Search function to find it.

Try and write down what your retired chiropractor used to do, and then compare what the new guy is doing. If he's not getting it, not interested, not listening, then it's time to move on.

I'm a believer in a consultation with no treatment. Do your homework, talk to friends and family, and get the name of someone who seems to work like your previous chiropractor. Go for an examination, but not treatment, and see if you click with him or her.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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