Attacked at work

by Phil Agosta
(El Paso Texas )

I was attacked by poor training by a fellow peer working a residential treatment center. 5 years I have suffered from nothing is wrong to denial and violation or New Mexico workers comp laws.

Six months ago the company doctors using an independent Three Company doctor review closed my lifetime benefits only after a 30 minute verbal interview. Yet I have been treated using the same medications when I plea for therapy and I am denied.

A Sports Spine and Clinic Immediatley knew what was wrong. Since my case was close without a hearing my company doctor spends 900.00 plus Urine Analisisi Test that my Medicare pays for. Before Medicare NOT A TEST.

I so need help as no one knows who incredibly painful this is. I wish I could see a chiropractor but I can not afford the Co pays or the length I require since it has been 5 years. I LOVE CHIROPTRACTORS and know I would and not lost 5 years of my life. That attacked happened in New Mexico the Land of Entrapment but I live in Texas. 15 minutes from where I worked.

[Hello Phil,
It's a long sad tale of woe. I feel for you.

But obviously I can't examine you and confirm or deny you are a Chiropractic patient.

Sometimes patients are lucky and respond very quickly to treatment. Perhaps negotiate with the local chiropractor who thought he could help you. Say for 6 treatments, and then once a month for few months.

Perhaps you'll be lucky.

Then, if helped, he could perhaps present a case report to the board.

Hope this helps.

Dr B

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