Atlas prominent, C7 depressed, c2 to c6 malaligned.

by Ian
(Mount Warrigal)

The Atlas (C1) bone is prominent at the base of the skull. C7 is severely depressed, C2 to C6 are not evenly aligned.

These are the conditions of my partner. And she suffers terribly from pain.

I massage to relieve the tension in her neck and shoulders, but I do not know of any way to reduce this mal alignment.
Can you please provide a medical condition for this; and possible medical solution.

Hello Ian,
You've got the terminology muddled, but I take it that the body of C7 is severely compressed.

That means that she has had a serious whiplash, probably a long time ago, and would have affected other parts of her neck as well. Does she get pain in the arm, or fingers?

There is no simple solution, neither medical nor chiropractic. A surgeon might feel the need to fuse her lower neck, a chiropractor would probably give gentle treatment such as with an activator.

And the massage you give may well be the best solution.

If you can send me copies of her x-rays I would be able to give further thoughts.

Dr B

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