Atlas dominates

by AYJr
(Ga, USA)

Atlas dominates

You're wonderful but don't really want to hear my problems!

But I am wondering about a certain procedure I was told about recently, where a DC specializes in the "Atlas"!? My question is, How can one vertebrae dominate so much? (according to that specialty.)

[Hello AY,
In the very early days of chiropractic, many adjusted only the atlas. It is indeed a unique vertebra, really just a specialised ring, and where 50% of the rotation of the neck occurs.

And because it's attached to the skull, also where nodding happens.


Very much involved in bad headaches. Head neck pain ...

But to be quite honest, I adjust the atlas less now. It's a very sensitive area of the neck, and whilst bad reactions to chiropractic manipulation are very rare, that's where they occur.

There is also quite strong philosophical connections between the atlas and L5, so many chiros would also adjust C1 routinely if there's an L5 problem. I don't.

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Dr B

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