Arthritis in my shoulders and moves

by Randy Kaberlein
(Odessa Texas U.S.A.)

This pain moves down my arms with a strong ache and into my fingers. Very strong pain. It causes joint cracking sometimes in my shoulders arms and fingers.

When I was a child I would throw a base ball left handed and would have to stop, due to a feeling of a pinched nerve. Then later in my 40's I felt that pinch nerve in my right arm when I wasen't doing anything.
My left arm did not have that pinch feeling any more.
In my 20's when I drove my car for long periods my hands would become numb and ache at the same time. 2 years ago or so that pinched nerve feeling became worse and would hit me strong when I made a simple move to set my glass of water on the table. I bamed the glass down hard splashing water a bit. I caught it though in exstream pain that lasted a few seconds That was in my right arm.
I can lift ok but it is when I do something with my arm streched out. I came close to breaking my coffee pot whe I set it in the coffee maker "Bam" catching it again. I'm 56 now and 57 in July 2011. Now Both arms are with a lot of pain. It wakes me up. I work less although I am on unemployment I wonder if I will be able to do what I use to do. Recently I built a fence for my Nephew and niece. I had to take to manny breaks and finally get help toward the end. My wife just found some glucosamine condritent that she had from a year ago. Do you think that will help if I start taking it. One more thing! when I was 42 I had bells palsy and learned that it was caused by a virus. Do you think that Artharitas could be caused by some kind of Virus. P.S. The pain is in my back, lower back always, upper back and neck more so recently. and a headache on my left side for years but getting worse now concerting with my shoulders arms fingers neck and upper back. Sincerly Randy

Hello Randy,
There are different things going on here, but they may well be related.
It seems at the bottom of it all is that upper neck pain and headache that you are having. That's something chiropractors specialise in. Some X-rays first would be useful, you more than likely have some arthritis in the neck, most folk do by 60-odd but don't let that put you off. Without or withour arthritis, most patients still respond well to chiropractic care.

The pain in your arms is less predictable. It seems to be a shoulder condition - type "frozen shoulder exercises" into the Search this site at C-H for some easy basic exercises for the shoulders.

It would be interesting to know whether "Adson's test" is positive or not. It's a condition where the nerves and artery to the arm are affected by the first rib and some small muscles in the neck causing pain and tingling in the arm.

What's needed Randy is a thorough chiropractic exam to find out whether you have a "chiropractic condition" or not. I think so... but am not absolutely certain.

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