Arm pain, been dealing with this for a little over a year. please help.

by Josh
(Hickory, NC USA)

Arm pain

I have been experiencing pain in the front of my shoulder, and the rear of my shoulder. Also sometimes, i'll have pain in the upper front of my shoulder and it feels like maybe it's in the joint area, not sure though.

But it's been happening in both at different times. Never hurt at the same time. Sometimes one shoulder won't even hurt throughout the day.

I've also had middle bicep pain. Not upper, not lower, in the middle. that also can be in both. And i've had middle/upper tricep pain, but that's pretty rare.

I also, nearly almost everyday have elbow pain. In the olecranon area. Like sometimes where maybe the tricep inserts, sometimes on the tip of the olecranon, sometimes on the inner side of the olecranon, and sometimes about a centimeter down the olecranon along the ulna bone.
I've had this pain in both, but it's most of the time in my left.

That's pretty generalised, Josh. Frankly it could be quite a lot of things.

I'd start by looking to see if I could reproduce the pain, firstly by range of motion of the shoulder and elbow, and then the neck.

Then I'd do resisted isometric testing of the muscles to see if it's a muscular problem.

A good thorough examination of your neck is important, because the source of arm pain quite often lies in the cervical spine, the thoracic outlet or the first rib.

The Upper limb tension test will tell if it's a pinched nerve.

I'm afraid there's no short cut. A good thorough examination is what is needed. Start looking for a chiropractor who is interested in sports injuries, perhaps one with a FICS qualification. Call your state chiropractic association.

I hope this has contributed.

I also have occasional wrist pain, like where the wrist inserts into my hand, that's the right wrist.

And i have some occasional knee pain, most of the time in right, but can be in left.

My joints get stiff if i've left them in a position for about 30 mins without moving. and they pop pretty loud, (elbows mostly, shoulders somewhat).

i have not worked out since January, but back from about end november to end december, i was doing starting strength, and about the time the shoulder pain started coming on, i was doing pretty heavy lifts, but nothing i couldn't ever complete 5 reps of. The elbow pain had been bothering me since february of last year when i done some heavy barbell curls. It bothered me off and on afterwards, and eventually i got tennis elbow, but i haven't had that in forever.

I have seen two docs, orthopiedic and family doctor, had the right wrist x-rayed over the summer when it was bothering me, x-ray showed nothing, i've been taking Animal Flex and Super Cissus which just seems to manage the symptoms to minor and moderate. I've been physically tested by docs, and mostly i have no evidence signs. When i seen my family doc, he blood tested me like 5 times, and made the comment that i had no signs of an auto immune disease setting in, that was over the summer when the x-ray took place. I've been in therapy in march, focussed on shoulders, and it slightly helped, but didn't cure it.

I'm just in terrible shape. I want to workout, but why workout if something hurts you know?
If you have any advice, please pass it along.

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