by Karen
(Gastonia, NC )

I just reviewed my MRI and it says that I have arachnoiditis on L4 as well as bulging L5 disc. Also some small broad based disc protrusions on L2-L3 through L5-S1 disc spaces. Moderate stenosis as well. Could a chiropractor help me? Also can you recommend one near me. I live in Gastonia, NC near Charlotte, NC. Thank you

Hello Karen,
I'm not sure if a chiropractor could help you with arachnoiditis; have you had surgery? That's unusual.

Some gentle McManis traction, and decompression might help, but myself, I'd be reluctant to do manipulation.

An important question is whether this is an infection, or inflammation. Either way, if it's affecting the arachnoid mata, it's pretty serious stuff.

Certainly look for a chiro who is very experienced, and conscientious. Talk to friends and your doctor; there's sure to be someone in your area who would examine you and give you an opinion.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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