Any therapy I can do while my foot is in Air Cast?

by Gaylene
(British Columbia)


I fractured my fibula approximately 4 weeks ago playing ice hockey and going feet first into the boards. I have been in an air cast since then. I do take it off, from time to time. However, I know my ligaments have been stretched & pulled because of my accident.

I would like to know if I have to keep my foot absolutely still, or if I can or should move my toes, or foot a little.

I would like to see my chiropractor soon.

Thank you.

Hello Gaylene,
Stuff happens, but remember that people who exercise as you do have far less dread disease compared to their couch potato compatriots.

The right person to address this question to is the surgeon who put your leg in the air cast.

The answer is likely to be an emphatic yes but let him tell you that; that's why you're in an aircast not a POP.

Dr B

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