Antalgic posture

by Josh

Antalgia away from the pain; the lateral disc.

Antalgia away from the pain; the lateral disc.

Hi, so i was in an accident low speed minor impact (i was rear ended) and instantly had stiffness in upper back and minor pain in lower back; i took some time off work and got myself some chiro appts. Went 12 times, back to work and it's been almost 2 months.

WELL on 3 days ago i leaned over to play with baby and... Ahhh right to the floor something in my back is messed up; i couldn't stand and if i did very painful and had to lean weight onto left leg; well like i said it's been 3 days of bedrest, walking a little here and there but have noticed a big lean to my left side; i have read online its called an antalgic posture i was wondering what is my best course of action for complete speedy recovery??

Hello Josh,
Were you given some daily exercises to do, and have you been doing them faithfully?

Frankly I think everyone should do them as we sit too much, like you brush your teeth, but certainly if you have had a lower back injury.

There are no "cures" for most medical conditions, and that applies to chiropractic ones too. Attention to small details like choosing your chairs carefully, going for a walk, bending down on one knee when picking up a pencil or talking to your child is important; and doing the exercises faithfully every morning before getting out of bed.

An antalgia is a serious sign; it's often the prelude to a nasty sciatica. There are two kinds; leaning towards the painful side, and away from it. The former improves quicker but both take six weeks to heal.

My advice is to stay home at least until you are upright, and see your chiropractor again.

Dr B

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