Ankle sprain

by Annette
(London england )

I fell down a kerb 8 weeks ago. My ankle was severly bruised and I hobbled on it for 2 weeks, before I went to hospital and got it x rayed. They said I had soft tissue damage.

The bruising has gone and swelling is down a little. But I have severe stabbing pains in my ankle and also in my shin.

It hurts to walk and it's still swollen. I also get pins and needles. I don't know what to do about it as it's not getting better. I cannot walk for long on it. I keep having to sit down.

It's time to get professional advice, Annette. One of the rules is that it needs to be re x-rayed or scanned if it's not improving; an occult fracture may have been missed.

The shin is where the muscles of the ankle are located; one or more probably of the peroneus group have been strained and the tendon possibly torn.

Most likely there is also ligament damage, and frequently a subluxated talus or calcaneus; walking on it will be incredibly painful.

Look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; post graduate sports doctor. Collect from the hospital and take your x-rays with you.

Dr B

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Aug 22, 2017
Ankle sprain
by: Annette

Thank you for the reply. I have been and had it x rayed again. It is not broken. So I went back to my doctor who checked it and said I have torn a ligament and to go back in 3 weeks if it doesn't heal.

That's good, Annette, but it must get properly better. All the time at that site I get letters from folk like you who end up with a weak and arthritic ankle for life. Read them at our ankle sprain page.

Dr B

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