Ankle sprain

by Tracey williams
(Ebbw Vale of Glamorgan )

I sprained my ankle 15 days ago and my ankle is still swollen and painful; I'm getting a lot of pressure pains all the way around my ankle and down to my middle toe, and it's very tender to touch and painful going up the bottom of my leg; do I need to get another xray?

Hello Tracey,
Was your ankle properly examined for ligament damage, pulled tendons, subluxated bones, or was just an xray taken?

If your feeling is that you were carefully and thoroughly examined, then oddly, yes, another xray is perhaps in indicated. A fracture is often missed when the xray is taken before swelling set in.

But if you weren't properly examined, then that's where I would begin. Meantime continue to ice the ankle, use a crutch, exercise it gently with our alphabet exercises, and use your common sense.

Good luck, these injuries can be a trial.

Dr B

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