ankle sprain

(Ankara, TURKEY)

Sprained ankle.

My name is Eren Yıldırım from Turkey and i am a basketball player.

Yesterday I sprained my ancle during the game , it hurted so much when
it is twisted. But didn't swelled or color didn't changed. I cant
step on my foot cuz of pain and i feel my feet very weak and all the
circle of ancle and soles of the foot. So is it normal that if my foot
doesn't swelling or bruising?

Please help my feet hurts a lot...

Best Regards

Looking forward to your answer.

Hello Eren,
There are a variety of possibilities, even a fracture lurking in the ankle. If the severe pain stays more than 5-7 days get an X-ray.

More likely you have subluxated the ankle mortice joint. The small displacement of the talus bone causes very sharp pain. I know, I've had it myself!

In the absence of a chiropractor who is knowledgeable about such things, do the "alphabet exercises". Sitting, move your ankle and foot in the configuration of an A, then a B... try to get through the alphabet in a day.

Alternating ice and heat would be sensible, even if there's not swelling.

I hope this has contributed.
Dr B

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