Ankle sprain with swelling but no bruising

Ankle sprain with swelling but no bruising means there is probably no serious rupture or fracture.

Last week while going down stairs I rolled my ankle. I could not walk on it properly for about two days. Then the pain got better and the swelling started to go down. There is no bruising but it is still swollen a week after the incident; although it has gone down a fair bit, it is starting to become painful to walk on, the pain going across the front of the foot. I would really appreciate some advice.

Hello Clair,
All sorts of things may have happened, but it doesn't sound like you have fractured anything. At this stage x-rays are probably not necessary, though that should be reevaluated in ten days.

Clearly, if it's swollen some tearing of ligaments has occurred, but with no bruising, it's not most likely a serious rupture.

Where a tight fitting ankle guard, ice it and do our ankle exercises; stay off it as much as you can; a crutch will help. It needs rest.

Then very often the ankle mortise, or one of the other small joints was subluxated, causing the sharp pain with walking. Generally it's not difficult to reduce, but you need to find a chiropractor with a FICS qualifation in sports injuries.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Ankle sprain with swelling but no bruising

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