ankle sprain treatment

by luis
(denton tx usa)

ankle sprain treatment

I think I have sprained my ankle too many times, maybe more than five, and no i feel a bone in the top middle of my foot that i dont feel feel on my other foot that is not sprained

What do I do

What is it?

Hello Luis,
So, you have no pain in the ankle or foot? No stiffness? You can walk, jog without a problem?

Then I wouldn't get too excited about that bump in the middle of your foot.

But a little bit excited wouldn't do any harm! That bump is probably one of the cuneiforms, perhaps the navicular or cuboid.

If it's been jammed up, fixated after one of the attacks of sprained ankle, then it will pretty quickly get Immobilisation Arthritis … and that is significant. Pain. Worse, disability.

Find a good chiropractor is your next stop. One who specialises in feet. Ask before making an appointment. A FICS qualification would help. Sports chiropractic.

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Dr B

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