Ankle Sprain Pain came back after 7 months

Where is the pain?

Where is the pain?

I sprained my ankle while doing dodgeball; I moved to the side and my right ankle rolled over. I sprained my ankle before but they all healed within 2 days; thinking it would be the same I waited 2 weeks and it didn't get better or worse. So I decided to go to the orthopedics and I had an x-ray done and was diagnosed with a bone bruise.

I got medicine for inflammation which I stopped taking due to an allergic reaction, so I was out on Motrin instead.

Within a few visits my ankle wasn't healing so the doctor ordered an MRI and the results was an ankle sprain. I got a sheet of rehab exercises and did them all. My ankle took 4 months to get better and when it got better I found the MRI results and it said I may also have a bone bruise.

Within 7 more months my ankle started to hurt against I was wondering if it was normal to continue to hurt. (*I never received any brace or immobilization so I went out to buy a brace)

You had an injury; after rehab exercises and quite a lot of time it eventually got better; after 7 months the pain started again. Is that it?

Frankly, that a fairly normal story be it a shoulder, ankle, or lower back; and the flu and most medical conditions.

My first question is did you go on with those rehab exercises after the pain went away. And, if you stopped, have you started them again?

My point is that most injuries leave their mark on you, and continuing with the exercises after the pain has gone should be part of your daily lifestyle; otherwise it comes back.

Let me have a few answers and we'll continue this. Also what increases and relieves the pain now?

Dr B

» Ankle Sprain Pain came back after 7 months

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