Ankle sprain or what?

I sprained my ankle awkwardly 5 years ago. To let it recover, I went to a chinese doctor who treated my ankle. I thought it recovered but after awhile, whenever i walk or run, I've been experiencing pain and occasionally feel a bone(?) stuck out and I've got to turn my ankle to readjust it back. It's been happening for 5 years till now. Is this a serious ankle problem?

Hello Nicky,
Potentially, yes, but we can't be sure until it's been properly examined.

Chronic fixations in any joint reduce the mobility and cause what is known as immobilisation arthritis.

Worse, if they pain slows your gait it will literally shorten your lifespan.

I think you know the answer; see someone recommended who works with feet and ankles. And be suspect if all that is done is a pair of expensive orthotics.

You'll find the alphabet exercises at the ankle sprain page; done faithfully they may help substantially.

Dr B

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