Ankle sprain led two years to pain in pelvic bone and knee cap

by Ann Joe
(Trivandrum, Kerala, India)

Hi, I suffered from a ankle sprain on my right leg when I was in college. My leg bruised and after one week the swelling was gone. I didn't consult a doctor for the treatment.

After two years, I have started feeling pain on my right side of the spine which spread to the pelvic, thigh muscles and knee bone. Now I was diagnosed with patellofemoral maltracking. It's causing severe pain and discomfort while walking and climbing down stairs. Is it because my ankle sprain happened in college left untreated led to this condition?

Hello Ann Joe,
You're far from home!

There's no certainty that the sprained ankle has caused this; if it left you with stiffness and a fixation in one of the ankle or foot joints then, yes, it's possible.

However there are a lot of other lower back and hip conditions that can cause knee pain. If you lie on your back and pull your hip to the chest and then to the opposite shoulder, and drop it into the lotus position, is there pain or restriction?

If you bend forwards and backwards, and to the side, do you get pain in your leg?

Do you have any ankle and foot issues whatsoever?

I'm just throwing in thoughts of other conditions.

Dr B

» Ankle sprain led two years to pain in pelvic bone and knee cap

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Jun 24, 2016
by: Ann Joe

Hi Dr B,

As you suggested I have pain on my right knee and thigh muscles while bending my right leg (laying down flat) and stretching it forward and backward. Thanks for your thoughts.

Hello Ann Joe,
Actually I meant if you bend forwards and backwards at the waist; your lower back. Does that give you pain in the leg?

I don't quite understand about stretching your leg forwards and backwards whilst lying down flat.

And what does pulling your knee to the chest and opposite shoulder do?

Dr B

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