Ankle sprain healed but pains still after 16 months

by Utsav
(Haldwani, uttrakhand, india)

I had an anterio talo fibular sprain grade 1, then I sprained it two more times. Gradually the pain has decreased significantly but there is instability in the right ankle and whenever I rotate my ankle it makes a knocking sound; the pain sometimes when I'm not wearing my ankle support and shoes goes in the whole foot; also it's very disturbing. It also get swollen a little.

Hello Utsav,
Yours is a very familiar tale; whether it's a shoulder, lower back or ankle, folk are not advised to through a proper rehabilitation programme, and not willing to wait until healing is complete before going back to sport; and there is another injury, often worse than the first.

Your ankle is unstable now, with lax ligaments that allow one of the small joints to subluxate; hence the knocking sound. That scrapes the cartilage that lines the bone and keeps the inflammation and swelling active.

Is you weight right? If not you are in for major surgery in a few years time to fuse the ankle.

Do a lot of reading about the anti inflammatory diet; at least in some small way it will help.

Probably most important is that a daily, committed exercise programme must be the story of your life. Start slowly and it shouldn't make any of those knocking sounds. Delhi wasn't built in a day; nor will getting your ankle strong again; be patient and diligent and work hard at rehabilitation.

Accept that many sports are now outside of your league.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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