Ankle pain

by Tracy

I fell 8 months ago and heard a pop sound in my left ankle; although xrays didn't show a fracture at the time I'm still in agony with my ankle. More like around my heel and at the back of my foot.

Hello Tracy,
As you can see the ankle is a highly complex series of joints, with overlapping structures. Fractures are often missed, particularly if taken immediately after the injury, and before swelling sets in to open the crack. Another xray would be a good start.

Secondly, there is often subluxation of either the talus or calcaneus bones, or others, which would not be seen on xray; it's clinically determined. Obviously that pop meant something happened, just no one has yet determined exactly what.

Start looking for a chiropractor with FICS qualification; sports injuries. Phone your local association and ask for a name.

Good luck, do something, otherwise it turns arthritic.

Dr B

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