ankle pain

by Nancy B
(Kennesaw, GA)

My sister recently found out she has an OLD fracture in her ankle. Don't know how old; anywhere from 10 to 20 years. She used to run; once she twisted her ankle while running and she said it popped out of socket but she did not go to a doctor.

Now, years later, she is have really bad pain; she has had a shot to help. She said she was doing better but now she is in much pain; she said she thinks it is because of the cold weather. She loves exercising and yoga and refuses to slow down even with the pain; she walks about 15 miles weekly and does yoga 3 time a week.

I forgot to mention she has had numbness, tingling, burning and PAIN. Will this be a life time of pain. She is now 69 and still going strong. She is in excellent shape.

Her doctor always teases her about being his patient with the young body. She looks great. The envy of many. Oh yea, she lifts weights 3 times weekly.

Hello Nancy,
I'm afraid I can't answer as to whether your sister will have a lifetime of pain or not. A good examination only will answer that, and knowing what bone was fractured.

She may have to change exercises like swimming and cycling which place less stress on the ankle.

Suggest she start our alphabet exercises which you can find using the search function in the navigation bar. They can't do any harm.

Time to start searching for a chiropractor who works with feet; she needs something more than an expensive pair of orthotics. Phone your local chiropractic association and ask for the name of a doctor with a FICS qualification; sports chiropractic.

Sorry I can't contribute more.

Dr B

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