ankle pain

by Maureen
(New Jersey)

Ankle complex posterior view

Ankle complex posterior view

I have had ankle problems since I got cellulitis in my right ankle in May 2011. I wrote to you and you were not sure if it was medical or for a chiroprator. I went to my family doctor and he said I have a chronic ankle sprain because of so many injuries. I also have scoliois bad and arthritis in my back. I cannot roll my ankle over on its side like I could before the cellulitis. Could I just keep getting ankle sprain with nothing else I can do? Could all this be from my bad back?

It sounds like there are two things, more actually, going on here, Maureen. The cellulitis needs to be managed medically in its own right. But that chronic ankle sprain, and now inability to roll your ankle should be very treatable. You clearly have a fixation in one of the joints, probably the subtalar joint, that's where the pronation/ supination occur: rolling.
If it's chronic you may have some arthritis in there too, complicating the issue.

From your back? Mm, maybe. Even from your neck actually if you have cervical stenosis. in any event, do our light lower back exercises regularly. EVERY morning before getting out of bed. They work.

Find a chiropractor who works with ankles.

Dr B
Thanks, Maureen

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