ankle pain

by maureen G
(New Jersey)

Side view of ankle

Side view of ankle

I wrote to you around the time of hurricane sandy.Ihave not received a answer,so I am writing again. I have not been able to roll my ankle on its side. My right ankle is the problem. It feels like it is coming out of the joint sometimes when I walk. Iwent to my doctor,he says it is a chronic ankle sprain and to try to deal with it. Is there someone else I could see? I also have scoliolis in my back. Could that be related to my ankle pain?


Fraid your first missive got lost in the storm, Maureen. I answer personally all mail.

I need more detail. How long you've had pain, old injuries, your age and weight, what increases the pain, X-ray report...

Certainly when an ankle is sprained there is commonly subluxation of the ankle mortice or subtalar joints, sometimes other joints. Not corrected there will be stiffness and eventually as the hyaline cartilage degenerates.

I doubt that it is related to your scoliosis.

Look for a chiropractor who works with feet. If in doubt look for a FICS trained chiro. Ask your state association for a name...

Dr B

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