ankle pain

by MG
(Haskell New Jersey)

I wrote to you a few weeks ago and ask about my ankle pain. I went to my doctor right after. He said I have a chronic ankle sprain. He did not say much else. Could it be arthritis too? He said all I could do for it was rest it,put moist heat on and take pain killers if pain gets worse. We had the hurricane here and lost power so we had no heat. My ankle hurt so bad it felt like I had bad toothache in my ankle all the time the heat was out. So maybe it is a form of athritis I have? Call my doctor but he is not open due to storm. Hope your there. Thank you MG

Dear MG,
Quite a little storm did yon Sandy brew up! Glad you're not one of the direct casualties.

Had X-rays of your ankle? Time to see a FICS trained sports chiro. Phone the NJ chiro association, and ask for a name.

Let us know what comes of it.

Dr B

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