Ankle Pain

Hi, I'm a average, fit, active 50 year old male, but I get occasional bouts of sudden pain in my ankle. It comes without any warning or injury. It feels like a really bad sprain and I am unable to walk; and then a few minutes later all is fine and I have no pain at all! There is no physical signs of injury, swelling etc.

This happened quite a bit 18 months ago and then all settled down, but it's now happened two days running again. I have seen my physician and he could not find anything wrong. I have no idea what brings this on; or what makes it go away.

I am worried when it's going to happen again and if it will last longer next time. Many thanks.

Seeing this has been going on for so long, it's time for an x-ray. Prod around in your ankle and try to determine exactly where it is, and which movements provoke it.

It's not profitable for me to speculate; there really are quite a lot of possibilities.

Think back; any old ankle injuries?

Dr B

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