Ankle pain

by Leovina
(Kitchener, ON, Canada)

I am a sportswomen and an avid tennis player (13 years now) and I have noticed that my ankle joint pain occurs when I'm playing tennis indoor on a hard court surface.

I have spent money on orthotics as advised by 2 chiropractors in the past 5 years. The orthotics and I do not get along together, based on the amount of tennis or other sports I play.

I'm a lover of high heeled footwear. It is when I switch from dress shoes to sports footwear that my ankle joints scream with pain, that most of the time I feel I'm crippled leaving the tennis courts. I have high pain tolerance but this ankle pain has knocked me out a few times that I can't even stand up on my own both feet.

I have in the past sprained both my ankles from playing rugby and tennis. A physiotherapist gave up treating me but my ankle problem prevailed despite the therapy and exercies. I found a chiropractor who does ART (Active Release Treatment). I got used to this treatment but it has not totally healed me.

I also, avail of manual therapy treatment for my sacro-iliac joint problem which I think links to my ankle joint issue.

I will appreciate any advice and your expertise and tell me what I am really going through.

Thank you in advance and look forward to reading from you.


Hello Leovina,

Yes, certainly a troublesome ankle.

Frankly no particular insights without examining your ankle. One thought? try going without your high heels for four weeks - is it worse or is it better. High heels sometimes actually improve ankle problems.

The Active Release is great treatment, but has anybody checked the ankle mortice and subtalar joints. Sometimes a cuboid fixation too.

Do you do any ankle exercises. Plug "ankle exercises" into C-H Search this site and see if those exercises, done faithfully every day don't help.

Orthotics are an art. Done right they can be magic, but mostly in my experience seem to cause more problems. Ask about a possible short leg since you are also having SIJ pain.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B.

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