Ankle pain when walking

by Richard
(London UK)

Ankle pain when walking

I get pain in my left foot when I walk - on the top of the foot, in the ankle mortise lock towards right side. Also on the left, back outside side of the left foot.

The doctor says arthritis and recommends orthotics, injection then possible surgery.

There might be arthritis but, if so, mild; I feel the greater problem is mechanical.

I have high arches and have worn orthotics for years with great success but last year I stopped for about 4 months due to new, ill fitting shoes (I can still see myself in the shop thinking these will need wearing in)and also played some cricket which I hadn't done for years.

I might be wrong but I feel this caused a mechanical change in the foot hence the pain when walking rather than any arthritis, which if I have wasn't causing problems before the new shoes.

Could this be correct and are there chiro foot specialists?

Hello Richard,
I go along with your line of thinking, although arthritis in the ankle does cause pain when walking.

Incidently, "shoes that have to be worn in" is a big no-no. If they're not comfortable when you first try them on, put them back on the shelf.

It sounds like you haven't had X-rays taken yet. That's perhaps the place to start.

Having said that, I would first examine your foot and probably suggest half a dozen treatments first. Ionising radiation isn't good.

Yes, there certainly are chiropractors who specialise in feet. You may have to hunt a bit. Phone the GCC and ask for the names of Chiropractors with a FICS qualification. Sports chiropractic, which specialises in arm and leg problems.

Good luck, let us know in a month how you are getting on.

Dr B

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Feb 01, 2020
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by: Anonymous

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Oct 15, 2013
by: Alvey

I've had ankle pain on and off and it usually goes away rather promptly but one time I slept at the Hospital overnight and was supposed to have a stress test next day but I woke up with a paralyzing pain on my left ankle and had to do an alternate procedure instead. I've often wondered...

[Hello Alvey,
I know what a psychologist would say! You didn't want to have that stress test!

Can't think what else might have caused it. Probably unrelated to being in hospital, perhaps you stumbled on the step earlier.

Dr B

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