Ankle pain; no obvious swelling or bruising.

by Jordan
(England )

I've had pain in my right ankle for several days now. The pain is only prominent when rotating my ankle to the left.

There appears to be no obvious signs of bruising or swelling. However, it doesn't appear to be easing at all, despite applying ice and compression.

Any suggestions what the problem may be?

Hello Jordan,
Have you had old injuries to the ankle; it does subtalar and ankle mortise joints can become arthritis often old sprains that were not well managed.

More likely is a subluxated talus or calcaneus, or one of the other small ankle bones; this is usually very easy to fix; there's usually one movement that hurts, as you describe.

Start by doing our ankle exercises for a week.

Dr B

» Ankle pain; no obvious swelling or bruising.

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