Ankle pain, just at the begining of the foot

by Zanele

Hello Doctor,

i was involved in a vehicle accident during May this year and no injuries at all during that time. a month after that i accidentally broke my ankle and the pain is persisting, been to the hospital for X-Ray and nothing seem to be the cause.
I started to suspect that the pain is muscle related and looking for the doctor that can assist since they told me that he cannot tell about what going on with the muscles as they don't have a scan related to that.
If you can help, would you please also give me an indication in terms of the consultation fees etc as i am not on the medical aid scheme. thank you.

Hello Zanele,
When there is enough force to break a bone in a joint, there is always enough force to also damage ligaments, muscles and often subluxate one of the other bones. None of these can be seen on X-ray.
Those are determined by a careful, thorough examination. Muscle strain is easy to determine, ligaments more difficult after some months, but there would be increased range of motion if a ligament was torn.
A subluxated or fixated joint is also determined by a physical exam.
The cost of examination and treatment in SA is R200. You would need to bring your X-rays with you. You would probably need several treatments, depending on the findings.

Dr B

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