ankle injury

by kez

Foot immobilisation arthritis (see the sclerosis?)

Foot immobilisation arthritis (see the sclerosis?)

Ankle injury

Sprained ankle a year ago still swollen at ankle burning tingling .

mri 4months ago no bones broken,painful when walking across the top of foot does not seem to be getting any better?please help

have insole that have been made for my feet still painful when walking.

Hello Kez,
Yes, a distressing situation. Obviously something has been missed.

It's not likely the radiologist missed a fracture, but you could start by asking for another radiologist to read the scan. It happens.

Torn ligaments and tendons shouldn't be still swollen. Unlikely the main cause of your problem.

So we assume a joint injury, something not readily seen on the scan in the early stages. Later what will occur, if there is joint fixation, and there probably is, is that immobilisation arthritis will set in, and then it becomes much more difficult to manage.

So you are quite correct in now seeking other opinions. Continue that search until you get answers, otherwise there's a good chance you'll have a disabled foot in 5-10 years time. In fact you are already partly disabled.

Hyaline cartilage is the vital substance lining joints and it's dependent on movement for nutrition. Immobilised > unerring to joint arthritis.

In the MRI above you can see how a subuxated cuboid bone in the foot is becoming arthritic along with the neighbouring heel bone. This scan was taken 10 years after an ankle injury.

What's needed is a good thorough clinical examination to locate the spoke in your wheel. It the pain is across the top of the foot I'd be checking the cuneiforms and navicular particularly but it could be any one of the many joints in the foot, as you can see from that scan. Only a very careful exam will find your problem.

Check out this ankle joint pain casefile for an injury much worse than yours, but the principles are the same.

Find a good chiropractor is your next stop. Look for someone with either a FICS sports chiropractic qualification, or least who works extensively with feet.

Good luck, let me know in a month how you get on.

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Dr B

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