ankle injury left untreated

by jennifer
(pierson FL, united states)

A little over 3 years ago I received an ankle injury and went to the ER at a hospital; they took x rays and determined it wasn't broken. When I left they left me these papers saying I had to return to a rehab center or something around that so that my ankle would properly heal. I did not do this.

Since then my ankle has never properly healed and it has causes me to experience a lot of pain when standing or walking for too long and numbness when I run. It has also affected my knees and they now shift inward at the knee cap. I also got these knot type balls on the lower back (that i'm guess formed from extra stress on my bones due to the fact that i was no longer standing or walking properly). They are both the size of a golf ball and i have one on either side of my lower back. I was wondering what they could medically be? and if they proposed a danger to me now or in the future?

Hello Jennifer,
It's hard for me to speculate about the golfball size masses on your back; what's needed is a good examination of your lumbar spine and pelvis. Meantime start some lower back exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Time to find someone who knows about ankles too. I'm not going to lecture you; you know what lies ahead if you don't.

Dr b

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